Friday, 27 May 2016

Fibre Fun

So I've been trying to just have fun with fibre lately. And lo and behold.... it worked! Just a simple heart on backing, pulling strips from my leftover bin. Colour isn't exactly right here, it's not this washed out in real life. Hooked it on my last piece of burlap, while ignoring the pattern that I drew on there long ago. 

I've been trying to get to a very long list of projects around the house - some fibre goodness and some not. Painting, house fix-ups, etc. are in progress but will be ongoing for quite a while. A new bed quilt is needed by a certain 9-year-old, who's current flannel one is badly faded. So the 315 squares have been cut and laid out. Her Nibs approved the layout, so now the torture sewing begins. 

I don't know how others go about this, but I stack the squares for each strip and label them alphabetically. Once a strip is sewn, the letter gets safety-pinned to the one end of the strip. Theoretically if I keep my piles organized, don't let the cat get into them, then my strips should all work the way they should at the end. And once the strips are sewn....then they get sewn to each other. This will be a painful lengthy project. 

As you can see, I've already sewn A through I, with J up next. There are 21 rows, so not even halfway yet. Ah yes.... this will take a while. Wish me luck!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Fibre Finish #8

This little quilt was started a short time ago, and finished today. A wee Trip Around the World in flannel. Scrumptiously comfy! With no intended home....yet

A wee bit of fun was had on the weekend, with Wool Doodles...

No plan, just pulled leftover strips from my big ol' basket..... and a peaceful afternoon was enjoyed. Aaaaaaaah. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Life Lessons from a Kiwi

Sometimes life lessons are staring you in the face.

Take the kiwi for instance. Hairy and blah brown at first glance. Why did someone think to look further? Why not judge these little fruits by their cover and move on to prettier fruit like apples, pears, plums, and berries?

But somebody did look further. Or many people did.

Cut open the hairy, brown fruit and you’re met with gorgeous colour, fantastic taste and nutritious deliciousness!

Lessons: Look deeper. Don’t judge.Be open.  

Learn at every turn. 

Kiwis are happily brought to us by the letter K, as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

J is for Jos.

If you’re Canadian, you know what I’m talking about. Jos. Louis. 

The famous snack cake made by Vachon. For those of you who haven’t tempted your tastebuds with one, here’s what they are: two round red velvet cakes (that’s news to me, I never would have known to describe it as that. Thank you Wikipedia). Then between the layers is a cream filling, and the whole thing is encased in a chocolate coating.

As kids we always called them “Joe Louis” and ignored the “Jos.” I suppose we should have pronounced it “Joseph Louis” because Jos. is short for Joseph. Apparently, again my thanks to Wikipedia, Joseph and Louis were two of the Vachon sons.

Did anyone else eat them by slowly peeling the chocolatey coating off first? One of my childish methods of eating a Jos. Louis. I can’t be alone! Whether you eat the Jos. Louis by eating the coating first is an indication of your character, somewhat similar to whether you took apart your Oreos and Fudgie-O’s. Very telling, your sugar-eating habits, I tell you.

So if you’ve never had one, try a Jos. Louis or a ½ Jos. Louis as soon as possible. It’s likely you will not regret such a step. Personally I was always okay with the ½ size, other than the obvious shortcoming in pleasure. But I didn’t like the super Jos. Louis, a gargantuan version, when it came out. Seems counter-intuitive, but it was just too much for me. Thoughts?

To me though, the best thing ever made by Vachon were the Vachon cakes…the little cupcakes that came with either white, pink or chocolate icing. There were four of each per box. Heaven for your mouth. In recent years I’ve only ever seen them hit the stores around Christmas time, then this year, not at all. It’s a sad, sad day for Canada when the Vachon cupcakes can’t be found. Chalk up another loss to big business buying out family-run companies. Sorry to say. 

Today's trip down memory lane was inspired by the letter J, as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.