Saturday, 20 December 2014


Sometimes at this time of year, you need to just stop. And. Slow. Down. 

Do something enjoyable that refreshes your creative spirit and your soul. Due to an unfortunate illness in a friend's family, our plans for today changed. Not that I'd wish sickness on them (or anyone), but this has given us the time to pause, and enjoy the small tasks that we had on our list to do today. Some wrapping, packaging up Christmas goodies, vacuuming.....maybe not all enjoyable tasks but since hubby's manning the vacuum, life is good.

Plus some bonus time to do whatever came to mind. I saw something online the other day, this isn't an original idea. But it turned out completely different than what I saw a picture of. That's what inspiration does: it allows an idea to germinate, grow and blossom.

Et voilĂ ! A gift for my sister for the 26th.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

New House....New Welcome Mat

This past July, Smidgie, Rocket and I moved a whopping one kilometre from our previous home. That's less than a mile for you American folks. Only halfway across a small town. Why? Well, a number of reasons of course with the biggest probably being that that wanted move space. And yes, I acknowledge that it was a 'want', not a 'need'. I try to emphasize the importance of that with Smidgie. 

So around the time that we moved, I saw a tiny picture online of a rug that looked quite amusing to my eye. It was designed by Elinor Barrett, so I contacted her to see if I might buy a pattern from her. Yes, indeed! 

Around August, I started hooking this stinkin' mat. I have to say it was a great deal of fun....even the background. It suits the decor in the new house to a T. I finished it in November and promptly hung it on the half-wall at the front door. 

So if you're ever in the neighbourhood.....come on in!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Have you been asking yourself what to get for that rug hooker on your Christmas list? I was too, but then I had an idea. 

What does a rug hooker like more than anything? Wool! 

And how do we keep that wool safe from nibbling moths? Lavender. 

And so they were born, the wool cloth lavender sachet suitable for the season no less. Wee little Christmas trees!


Hopefully I haven't ruined the surprise for anyone reading!
O Christmas Tree, how adorable art though hanging amongst my piles of wool. 

Or you would be if I'd have the presence of mind to make myself one.

Dang it!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Secret to Happiness

If you're like me, you read blogs Monday to Friday but rarely on the weekend. Nothing thrills me more on a weekday than when there's more than one post to read on one of my favourite blogs. It's a gift that adds happiness to my day. 

I enjoyed watching this TED Talk given by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on the Secret of Happiness. It was filmed 10 years ago but is very relevant. 

Along with the video, hopefully having this extra post to read next week will add to your happiness. 

Happy Saturday!