Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Life Lessons from a Kiwi

Sometimes life lessons are staring you in the face.

Take the kiwi for instance. Hairy and blah brown at first glance. Why did someone think to look further? Why not judge these little fruits by their cover and move on to prettier fruit like apples, pears, plums, and berries?

But somebody did look further. Or many people did.

Cut open the hairy, brown fruit and you’re met with gorgeous colour, fantastic taste and nutritious deliciousness!

Lessons: Look deeper. Don’t judge.Be open.  

Learn at every turn. 

Kiwis are happily brought to us by the letter K, as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

J is for Jos.

If you’re Canadian, you know what I’m talking about. Jos. Louis. 

The famous snack cake made by Vachon. For those of you who haven’t tempted your tastebuds with one, here’s what they are: two round red velvet cakes (that’s news to me, I never would have known to describe it as that. Thank you Wikipedia). Then between the layers is a cream filling, and the whole thing is encased in a chocolate coating.

As kids we always called them “Joe Louis” and ignored the “Jos.” I suppose we should have pronounced it “Joseph Louis” because Jos. is short for Joseph. Apparently, again my thanks to Wikipedia, Joseph and Louis were two of the Vachon sons.

Did anyone else eat them by slowly peeling the chocolatey coating off first? One of my childish methods of eating a Jos. Louis. I can’t be alone! Whether you eat the Jos. Louis by eating the coating first is an indication of your character, somewhat similar to whether you took apart your Oreos and Fudgie-O’s. Very telling, your sugar-eating habits, I tell you.

So if you’ve never had one, try a Jos. Louis or a ½ Jos. Louis as soon as possible. It’s likely you will not regret such a step. Personally I was always okay with the ½ size, other than the obvious shortcoming in pleasure. But I didn’t like the super Jos. Louis, a gargantuan version, when it came out. Seems counter-intuitive, but it was just too much for me. Thoughts?

To me though, the best thing ever made by Vachon were the Vachon cakes…the little cupcakes that came with either white, pink or chocolate icing. There were four of each per box. Heaven for your mouth. In recent years I’ve only ever seen them hit the stores around Christmas time, then this year, not at all. It’s a sad, sad day for Canada when the Vachon cupcakes can’t be found. Chalk up another loss to big business buying out family-run companies. Sorry to say. 

Today's trip down memory lane was inspired by the letter J, as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Ice, Ice Baby

Mother Nature has been cruel of late. More snow, more ice. Will it ever end? Of course it will. In fact the rest of the week is looking up, way up in terms of temperature and sunshine!

[insert mental picture here of incredibly grey day]

It’s amazing how kids still embrace snow even in April. They still take pleasure from the fun that snow provides. Such a simple joy and frankly one we could all learn from, if we would just stop being such grumpy-pants. When do we lose that innocent joy in simple things? At what point in our stretch to adulthood do we refuse to embrace snow and just stay nasty all winter long?

The temperature is rising so it’s becoming slushy as I write. So, Mother Nature, perhaps it was just more moisture we needed to get our gardens growing this spring. After all, you know best.

Before we know it, we’ll be begging for ice in our drinks to cool the oppressive heat of summer. Cheers to that!

This post is inspired by the letter I and the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I'm an unofficial participant who sadly missed the letter H. Please don't be offended, I have nothing personal against the letter H. 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Gosh and Golly Gee

G. I am stymied by G. I will undoubtedly think of something once I hit 'publish' on this. But for now, all I can think is "Gee Willikers, G is a tough one!"

G is for good. G is for game. G is for Granny, how we do miss her. G is for Gin, a good friend and a good drink (to some). G is for grain, how lucky you are if you can eat some. G is for Google, a daily part of our lives. G is for glasses,  I need 'em and so does Smidgie. 

G is good. A good letter. Keeps F and H company. Gee, thanks.